"To be the company of choice in the industry."

"Create value, foster partnership and be recognized for our integrity and commitment to our customers, employees and community through quality products and reliable services."
Brief History

Spun-off from just a division to Messe & Handel Corporation a member of SANCAR Group.

Ventured into another business. AIRCON RENTAL DIVISION

Our People

As a pioneering company in this kind of service, the employee’s continue to live and work with values that must sustained the need of the clients for its services.
We are committed to growth--- in size, in markets, in skills and competence.
We take pride in doing this kind of field.

The values that shaped the past years are the same values that we bring
to the next generation. We recognized partnership with our vendors or suppliers.
In the molding of our people knowledge, giving them the best. And most of all,
the relationship with our customers should be retained in the long run.
Our people embrace the best and their satisfactory.

Having our commitment to the clients, we are proud to say that the support
services portfolio and its highly qualified service engineers is our strong reason,
why we are still having the demands and queries of people around.

Unrivaled Service and Support

Expertise in airconditioning business serves as a solid foundation in our Commitment to protect our clients’ technology requirements to give quality and timely services that support the ever changing trend.
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